LibreOffice global menubar still not working properly in Ubuntu 12.10

I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal about two weeks ago. As usual, there are a number of new or improved features and changes, the arguably most controversial being the Dash’s Amazon integration. What has not changed, unfortunately, is the problem of the global menubar in LibreOffice. Even more unfortunate, the temporary solution using “unity –reset” I wrote about before does not work anymore. Continue reading “LibreOffice global menubar still not working properly in Ubuntu 12.10”


Freezing LibreOffice icons on the Ubuntu Unity launcher

LibreOffice is still not playing nicely with the Unity interface of Ubuntu. For a start, it does not support the global menu. You can enable this by installing the lo-menu package (available in Ubuntu software centre). This doesn’t work for me though; after installing the Window menu disappears. This means loosing access to the split and freeze functions in Calc. Continue reading “Freezing LibreOffice icons on the Ubuntu Unity launcher”

Getting rid of the new Global Menu in Unity

I am getting used to the new Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04, in fact, I mostly like it. What made me particularly happy is that the whole upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 turned out to be fast and painless.

But there is one new features of the Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04 I still cannot get used to; the AppMenu (Global Menu). I can see it making sense on a small notebook screen where every pixel of screen space counts. But on a larger screen with many windows open, it gets easily confusing and you end up having to move around with your mouse much more. Continue reading “Getting rid of the new Global Menu in Unity”