New library to extract OSM data

A quick note to myself (and whoever is interested :-))

Markus Neteler mentioned on the GRASS user mailing list a new library that came out that extracts valid data from within an OpenStreetMap input file. It is from the developer of Spatialite, and can be downloaded from here.


Another way to import OSM data in your PostGIS database

There are various options to import your data in a PostGIS database. The OSM2postgresql script (for Linux) sets up a PostgreSQL / PostGIS server or database (optional), imports OSM data into it, process those data (including multi-polygons with holes) and proposes a classification. Check out (where you can find links to some alternative solutions too).

ClickFu in QGIS

Although Google maps and other online mapping tools become more powerful, creating and analyzing maps is still typically done using a desktop GIS. I am for example using GRASS GIS and QGIS for my work. These are very powerful tools, but what if I want to get a more detailed overview of how a certain area looks like? Or if I want to find out the towns in a certain region, or verify the existence of a lake in another? Continue reading “ClickFu in QGIS”