Getting rid of the new Global Menu in Unity

I am getting used to the new Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04, in fact, I mostly like it. What made me particularly happy is that the whole upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 turned out to be fast and painless.

But there is one new features of the Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04 I still cannot get used to; the AppMenu (Global Menu). I can see it making sense on a small notebook screen where every pixel of screen space counts. But on a larger screen with many windows open, it gets easily confusing and you end up having to move around with your mouse much more.

There are different ways to remove the global menu. Besides a number of other tips and tricks to adapt your desktop, this post explains you how to remove the whole application, but it also removes the ubuntu-desktop meta package so it probably isn’t the best solution.

It refers to another post which comes with two solutions. One is to remove the global menu for a specific application, the other to remove it globally. I didn’t try the first solution as I want to remove the global menu completely. The second solution gave me mixed results. For most applications it worked fine, but some programs lose their menu altogether, e.g., Clementine (I wasn’t too impressed by the new default music player Banshee, which I therefore replaced with Clementine).

Luckily I found yet another way to remove the global menu here. A simple solution, and what’s more, it is also easy to revert to the default if for you want to give the global menu another change (who knows, I might). Below the solution from M. Zinoune.

sudo mv /usr/lib/indicators/5/ /usr/lib/indicators/5/

If you want to have back the AppMenu, just enter the following command in terminal :

sudo mv /usr/lib/indicators/5/ /usr/lib/indicators/5/

For each his/her own or course, but I for one am happy to have my normal menus back 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting rid of the new Global Menu in Unity

  1. Christian

    Found another way typing “sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu appmenu-gtk” in terminal and restarting will get you back to a more conventional mode. Assume you can reinstall it but have not tried it.

    1. pvanb

      So you are suggesting to remove indicator-appmenu and appmenu-gtk. The posts I linked to suggest to also remove indicator-applet-appmen, did you try that too (does it make a difference)?

      In both cases, the possible disadvantage mentioned in both posts is that removing the AppMenu might also remove the ubuntu-desktop meta package. I actually don’t know what that package serves for otherwise, do you know or did you try out?

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