QGIS auto-trace plugin

Last time I opened QGIS there was a notification that there was a new plugin; the auto-trace plugin. I just tried it out to see what it is all about. I must say, it is a pretty nifty tool. It let’s you digitize new features based on other features by tracing existing features. Continue reading “QGIS auto-trace plugin”


You can now vote for your favorite QGIS plugin

The list of plugins for QGIS is becoming rather long, which is a testimony to how active the QGIS community is. It does make it more difficult to find and select the plug-ins for your work. And if you find one, how do you know if it is any good?

Now, thanks to Alessandro Pasotti, you can consult the list of plugins ranked according to popularity and downloads. And, if you think the plug-ins you are using are awesome, go and cast your vote for your favourite plug-in(s).

Quick multi attribute edit in QGIS

There seem to be a lot of momentum in the development of QGIS and QGIS plug-ins. Existing plug-ins are regularly updated while new plug-ins are released frequently. One recently released plugin is the quick multi attribute edit plugin. It offers one simple, albeit very handy feature; one click editing of multiple features in a vector layer. Continue reading “Quick multi attribute edit in QGIS”