Check out the new Landcover Polygon overlay function in the LecoS QGIS plugin

The author of the QGIS plugin LecoS came up with  a new feature which might come in handy for some of you: a polygon overlay tool. This tool can extract raster values and save them directly to the vector layers attribute table. See his post ‘LecoS update – Landcover Polygon overlay‘ for more information and an example how this feature can be used to calculate how much of the protected area is still covered by mature forest trees.


Mapping Forest resource assessment 2010 data – part II

I am creating a series of maps based on the Global forest resources assessment 2010 (FRA). A first example is the map below with the forest and woodland cover per country as percentage of the total land area. The pie charts show the proportion of the forest-woodland area covered by forest and the portion covered by woodland per country. There are obviously other, and possible better, ways to present this information, but I wanted to try out and demonstrate the use of chart overlay in QGIS. Continue reading “Mapping Forest resource assessment 2010 data – part II”

Sampling raster values at point locations in QGIS

Recently I received an excel file with the coordinates of 144 vegetation sample plots, with the request to get the altitude values for the plots. For those with little experience in GIS, this is easy enough in most GIS programs. Here is a simple tutorial/example how to extract raster values at point locations in QGIS. Continue reading “Sampling raster values at point locations in QGIS”