Nice step by step tutorial how to create an Open Source Web Map

Ever wanted to create an open source web map but not sure where to start? The short tutorial ‘Blueprint for Creating an Open Source Web Map‘ by Michelle Ballinger might be just what you are looking for. This tutorial “takes the user through the steps of creating new data, modifying existing data to the map’s specifications, creating style layer descriptors, writing basic HTML, and posting to the Internet”. These steps are done in respectively QGIS, UDig, any text editor and GeoServer. Continue reading “Nice step by step tutorial how to create an Open Source Web Map”


Adding Google or OpenLayers maps to your Desktop GIS

Although Google maps and other online mapping tools become more powerful, it is not always easy or straithforwards to use these tools to combine offline maps with online maps from e.g., Google or Yahoo maps.

Tools like ClickFu in QGIS make it easy to find specific features on a layer in QGIS back in Google maps (see here for an earlier post on ClickFu). But what if you to combine your own layers with the Google, OpenLayer or Yahoo maps in QGIS? Well, you use the OpenLayers plugin. Continue reading “Adding Google or OpenLayers maps to your Desktop GIS”