A plugin to export layers in GIMP file to single pdf file

Update: there is another plugin that export Layers to single multiple pages PDF. You can get the plugin here: http://registry.gimp.org/node/27987. Which one is better? Well, they both work fine for me and are equally easy to use. So just try them out both to see which one works best for you.

A while back I wrote about two possible ways to export multiple layers in GIMP to one pdf file using third-party tools. But it turns out there is an much easier solution as Nevar pointed out in the comments on that blog post. The ‘Export Layers as PDF’ plugin for GIMP. You can get the plugin from the Gimp plugin registry. See here for instructions how to install the plugin.

After installing you need to restart GIMP after which you can find the new function in the file menu (see screenshot). Continue reading “A plugin to export layers in GIMP file to single pdf file”


Looking for a pdf reader with good annotations options

I read my articles on my (Android) tablet or on my computer (Ubuntu 12.10). On both, I want to be able to add notes and underline and highlight text.  For Android there are various apps that allow you to to do this (the two I am currently using are RepliGo pdf reader and Moon+ reader, but there are more options). For Linux, I found it surprisingly difficult to find a package with good annotation capabilities. Continue reading “Looking for a pdf reader with good annotations options”

Docear 1.0 Beta 5 now with Zotero support

It looks like the people behind Docear had a look at my personal wishlist with some great new features (unfortunately one of these features is Windows only, see below). Most important, in my opinion, Docear now comes with Zotero support. This is really great news.

On Windows (or if you run one of the recommended pdf readers under Wine), it comes with much better PDF Reader support, with pdf’s being opened on the page of an annotation. Moreover, annotations from RepliGo, an Android pdf reader, can also be imported by Docear.

See here for a overview of all new features and improvements.