Add multiple raster or vector map layers to current map display in GRASS GIS

If your mapset contains many raster or vector layers GRASS offers a very handy feature to quickly select the layers you want to add to your current map display. In the layer manager, click Ctrl+Shift+L to open the ‘add selected map layers into layer tree’ window. Continue reading “Add multiple raster or vector map layers to current map display in GRASS GIS”


Sharing geotiff raster files

One of my favourite raster formats to share is the geotiff, mostly because I always thought it is one of the most portable formats. But yesterday I got an email from a colleague that the geotiffs I shared looked strange in ArcMap, with hardly any values to show and an apparent range of values of 1,79769e+308 to 2,22507e-308.
Continue reading “Sharing geotiff raster files”

Presentation of map query result improved in GRASS 7.0

GRASS GIS (version 6.4, and up to recently 7.0 too) would present map query results in the command console. I have never really got used to it though. Often when I needed to query some points on the map, I ended up shifting back and forth between the ‘Map layer’ and ‘command console’ tabs. In addition, it didn’t present the map data in a clear way, especially not when querying more then one layer at once.

So after I updated my GRASS 7.0 this morning, I was happily surprised to see that the developers have created a whole new way to present map query results. Continue reading “Presentation of map query result improved in GRASS 7.0”