A wealth of knowledge on biological diversity at your fingertips

I love this website of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Through this website, a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries have made available the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections. Continue reading “A wealth of knowledge on biological diversity at your fingertips”


Looking for historical maps of the Netherlands

History, nature and land use changes, it all comes together in ‘Verborgen wildernis’ (Hidden Wildernes) by Kester Freriks. It is a book describes about twenty five former ‘wildernesses’ in the Netherlands, in their current and historical context and based on and illustrated by historical maps. These include maps from the ‘De Atlas der Neederlanden‘ (atlas of the Netherlands), part of the special collections of the University of Amsterdam). It gives a good idea of what [wilderness] has been lost, but also what can still be found, if only one wants to find it. See this website for an interview with the author (in Dutch).

Reading the book I became curious about what historical maps of the Netherlands would be available online. Continue reading “Looking for historical maps of the Netherlands”