A quick list for one-click access to a list of often used xsetwacom settings

I just bought a small Wacom drawing tablet to use as alternative mouse and for my photo editing. According to the manual this tablets, like most on the market, are only compatible with Windows or OS X. To use it, you first need to install some drivers, restart your computer and connect your tablet. Fairly straightforward, isn’t it?

But what if you want to use this on your Linux computer? Guess what, it is even easier, just connect the tablet and you are good to go! All thanks to this project. If you want to change some settings, you just open the Wacom Tablet interface, which is pre-installed on Ubuntu and probably many other Linux distro’s out there.


It is not all perfect (yet) of course. The settings you can change using the Wacom Tablet utility above are limited. To change other settings, like for example disabling the finger touch or changing the orientation of the tablet input, you’ll have to go to the command line. The utility you’ll need is the xsetwacom utility. See here for the manual and options.

It isn’t very difficult to use, but if you like me want to be able to change a number of options quickly, it is a pain to have to remember the command line parameters and type them in. Luckily it is easy to create a launcher / button on your desktop or unity launcher for a one-click solution. There are various ways to do this, see for example here and here.

In this case there are various commands, each which would require me to create a shortcut on my launcher. That would seriously clutter my unity launcher. How to avoid this? The best option would be to group all wacom related commands under one icon on my launcher. And as it turns out, there are various ways to do this. You can for example create a ‘drawer’ or a ‘quick list’. You can find a clear explanation of the various options here so I won’t repeat that here. But I’ll show you how such a quick list can look like. I decided to manually create a quick list.

Workspace 1_006I placed the quick list on my Unity launcher, so now every time I want to change one or more settings for my Wacom tablet, I just open the quick list and select the setting I want to change.



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