A new great version of QGIS

Are you one of those people eagerly waiting for all those new features in QGIS that have been mentioned in the last couple of months on various forums and blogs? Well, the waiting is (almost) over. QGIS 2.2 is already available in OSgeo4W, Fedora, and Debian, while binary packages are being updated and will be available any time (or might already be available by the time your read this) on qgis.org.

I am using the development version of QGIS, so I didn’t expect too many surprises in terms of new features. Turns out I was wrong, there are so many new features and improvements that I hadn’t discovered them all yet. Check out this nice overview of the new features available in QGIS 2.2!

What is the most exciting enhancement or new feature will of course depend on how you use QGIS. However, I would like to draw attention to the incredible work done on the composer, which makes it now easier than ever to create beautiful maps for printing without the need for any additional software or post-processing.

Have fun with this new great release and to the developers: Thanks!


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