GRASS gis scripts to import data from Worldclim, CSFR and PISM

I just came across these GRASS GIS scripts by Julien Seguinot to import multiple files from the WorldClim current climate dataset, the  Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CSFR) data and some other reanalysis data sets. Furthermore, there is a script ( to imports multiple raster maps from a NetCDF output file from PISM.

They are not in the GRASS addon 6 or GRASS addon 7 repositories so I am sharing the link here. If you are planning to work with these data sets, check out these scripts, they may make your life a whole lot easier.


One thought on “GRASS gis scripts to import data from Worldclim, CSFR and PISM

  1. Regarding import of climate products alike the CFSR, I recently found a much easier way to do it.

    As far as my understanding goes, direct import in GRASS does not work because these global netCDF file include *data points* very near or sometimes at the 90° paralells or the 180° meridian. In GRASS this would result in *grid cells* spanning over these lines, which naturally is not allowed. However this can be fixed in two lines with a netcdf tool like cdo.

    cdo sellonlatbox,-179.9,179.9,-89.9,89.9

    This does practically the same like the scripts I wrote, rendering them useless unless you don’t want to install cdo.

    This said, thanks for the link! 😉

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