Presentation of map query result improved in GRASS 7.0

GRASS GIS (version 6.4, and up to recently 7.0 too) would present map query results in the command console. I have never really got used to it though. Often when I needed to query some points on the map, I ended up shifting back and forth between the ‘Map layer’ and ‘command console’ tabs. In addition, it didn’t present the map data in a clear way, especially not when querying more then one layer at once.

So after I updated my GRASS 7.0 this morning, I was happily surprised to see that the developers have created a whole new way to present map query results. As you can see in the screenshot below, the results are now presented in a separate “query results” window, with the information clearly organized and displayed per layer.

The new "Query result" window, presenting the raster and vector layer information for a queried location
The new “Query result” window in GRASS GIS 7.0

I think this is a great improvement; Kudus to the developers!


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