Selecting multiple layers in the GRASS GIS layer manager

Selecting multiple layers in the GRASS GIS wypython layer manager has always been possible. But there wasn’t much point to it. You couldn’t do anything with the multiple selections, no zooming, removing nor setting the region for multiple layers. Trying to remove all selected layers for example would just remove the first of the list of selected layers.

This missing feature has always bugged me. But stupid enough, I have never taken the trouble to file a bug or feature request. Luckily somebody else did make the effort to file a feature request. And guess what, 36 hours after the ticked was opened, it has already been implemented! Pretty amazing I think.

I tried out r53064 for grass7, but from what I understand, this will be back ported soon (or perhaps it has already been back ported by now).

Two layers in the GRASS GIS layer manager. The map is zoomed in on the upper layer
I have selected the two layers and opened the context menu (right click with the mouse). You can see there are three options, remove, zoom in on selected layers and set computational region from selected layers
After selecting ‘zoom to selected layers’ the map is now zoomed out to the combined extent
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