Publishing your Freeplane mindmap on the web

Freeplane is a great mind mapping software. I use it e.g., to jot down and organize notes from articles I am reading, creating lists of software, relevant websites, etc.

One of the advantages of Freeplane is that you can export your mind map in many formats. This including different formats for online publishing, e.g., as java applet or a clickable map image version.The java applet offers a basic interface to your mindmap, including search and expanding / collapsing of the nodes.

For an example, see this mindmap on my ecodiv website. It provides a short list of some of the open source software I am using. I’ll probably add more to the list in due time. In the meantime feel free to suggest your own favorite software :-).

The link above leads you to the flash version of the mindmap. But you can publish it in various other formats. See for example the java applet version or the an outline (xhtml java version) version.

The outline version is more suitable for tablets and other devices with relatively small screens

6 thoughts on “Publishing your Freeplane mindmap on the web

  1. Bob Levy

    I tried all the links to see a “web published” version.
    Only the “html” was ALMOST usable. The Java versions said I had to update Java which I did and after update, reloaded page and became tired of watching the Java circle and progress bar with no results.
    Still waiting for a good map publisher Received a note saying that MindMeister can but have NOT verified yet.

    1. pvanb

      Hi, sorry it doesn’t work for you. It works for me in Firefox. In Chrome I also got a message to update my java plugin. I have the latest java installed and I am not sure why that doesn’t work with Chrome. But after select ‘run this time’ the mindmap loads without problems anyway (takes about a second). What is annoying though is that clicking on a link opens the website as popup, which is blocked by default in my Firefox and Chrome setup. I can of course allow the popups for my site, but it is a annoyance nonetheless.

      I just put the flash version online too, you can open it here. I like the resulting map, looks good (you can even change the background and add shadow), and the search function works well too. And the links simply open a webpage in a new tab. Of course you need a flash enabled browser.

      1. pvanb

        I just added another versions, the xhtml outline version (see text). So if you follow the links given in the text, you can see in total four different ways to publish your freenode mindmap on the web.

  2. Very nice tool and a good way to show your mind map to others. I will have a look at it and publish a map as well. I like that it uses JAVA. Makes it easier to publish I think.

    Thanks for letting me know about this tool!

  3. Hi pvanb. Thanks for this post.

    Is it possible to include a Java or Flash version of a map in a WordPress site. I notice that your examples are all on your other site.

    I am not expert enough to know how to include the additional files (e.g. the freeplane viewer) in WordPress (if that is possible.)

    1. pvanb

      I don’t think it is possible on sites hosted on, see here and I guess the same is true for flash (but see here). For WordPress sites you host yourself, I am sure it is possible, but I have never worked with it so I am afraid I can’t help you there.

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