Creating alternative emails from your gmail

In Gmail there is no easy way to sort. The good folks at Google seem to have this idea that everything should be done by searching. Sure, I use the search function all the time. But really… No option to sort your emails on anything other then date?!

Anyway, while looking for ways to sort my emails in Gmail, I came across this site with a few tips on sorting your email. It mentioned one feature I had not heard of before, the option to create new Gmail ID’s with a plus (+). 

Suppose your email is You can create an alternative email like for example Emails send to that address will still show up in your inbox.You can create filters to automatically trash emails or automatically add a specific label to emails sent to any of these ‘+’ addresses. Great to use for subscriptions to blogs or other sites.

Oh, and the best way to sort your gmail… start using your good old email desktop client again (e.g., Thunderbird).


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