Embed layers and groups in QGIS

The option to “Embed layers and groups” is a nice new feature in QGIS (upcoming version 1.8). I hadn’t spotted it, but it was mentioned on the QGIS forum (always a valuable source of information).

It allows you to open the layers of a QGIS project file in your current project (you can select which layers you want to open). The nice thing is that it will open using the style settings defined in the project file.

Only problem I am having is that after adding a layer from a project file, it does not seem to be possible to edit the properties of that layer. I’ll ask at the forum whether that is a feature or a bug.





3 thoughts on “Embed layers and groups in QGIS

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  2. Not being able to change the layer properties is by design. In the code:

    if ( !QgsProject::instance()->layerIsEmbedded( ml->id() ).isEmpty() )
    return; //don’t show properties of embedded layers

    checks to see if the layer is embedded if it is does nothing.

    I would suspect it’s easier this way although I can think of a use cases when being able to change embedded layers would be handy.

    The things to think of is:
    1) Do we break the link to the other project file on any property change ( the layers become part of the project rather then embedded)
    2) Or do we keep the link to the embedded project and update it will the new properties.
    3) Or give a warning to let the user pick what the want to do.

    2) is a little tricky because in the QGIS code you can only have one instance of the project class. This might need to be changed first before 2) can be done with ease.

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