Create wld file for map image

It is easy to export a raster file as a georeferenced images with e.g., GRASS, QGIS or gdal. It becomes more complicated if you want to export a map, composed of different layers. In QGIS, you can create very nice maps with the ‘print composer’, but these maps are not geo-referenced. A solution by Underdark is to use the QGIS command line to create a snapshot of a map, which will give you an image of any size and with corresponding world file. It works like a charm, except for the “any size” part. The function, on my system, does not handle very large image sizes very well.

But why not creating the World file myself? Continue reading “Create wld file for map image”


Linking a lookup table to your vector layer

I was looking for a way to link an attribute table of a vector layer to a look up table, with a one to many relation. As discussed here and here, this does not seem to be possible in QGIS. One of the suggestions was to use the “eVis Event Browser”. This plugin allows you to link to external documents. Although a neat plugin, it is not the same as creating an one-to-many link to a lookup table. Continue reading “Linking a lookup table to your vector layer”

Annoying problem converting ODF to Word 2003 documents – solved

Although I almost exclusively work with Libreoffice, most people I work with still use Word 2003 or later MS Word versions. Not too much of a problem; converting ODF documents back and forth to Word 2003, 2007 or 2010 is usually fairly smooth. However, the last couple of weeks I got complaints from colleagues who could not select, copy or paste figure captions. And they couldn’t add or edit comments in the text either. Continue reading “Annoying problem converting ODF to Word 2003 documents – solved”