Free online textbooks on geospatial and statistical analysis

Geospatial analysis guide

I just found, through this blog, a very nice text book on geospatial analysis; Geospatial Analysis – A comprehensive guide by M. de Smith, P. Longley and M. Goodchild. The book covers a wide range of topics such as “Conceptual Frameworks for Spatial Analysis”, “Data Exploration and Spatial Statistics”, “Statistical Methods and Spatial Data”, “Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis”, “Grid-based Statistics”,  “Spatial Autocorrelation”, and “Network and Location Analysis”. Also very nice, it includes an overview of some of the main spatial statistical packages for R.

I have only read a few chapter, but from what I have seen this can be a very useful resource for people new to geospatial analysis. And with its index and search functions (they do mention that it doesn’t work on all browsers), this book might also be useful as a reference book for the more experienced practitioners.

But don’t take my word for it, just go to the books webpage and check it out yourself. The online version is for free so the price shouldn’t stop you ;-).

Statistical analysis handbook

Another free handbook, on statistical analysis this time, can be found here. To quote the book, it is designed to be accessible to a wide range of readers – from undergraduates and postgraduates studying statistics and statistical analysis as a component of their specific discipline (e.g. social sciences, earth sciences, life sciences, engineers), to practitioners and professional research scientists. I have used it in the past and always found it a good, and quick resource for more information on specific statistical analysis.


2 thoughts on “Free online textbooks on geospatial and statistical analysis

    1. pvanb

      Hi, thanks. Yes, that is a very nice one by Tomislav Hengl on spatio-temporal data analysis with R+SAGA (and if I remember well some GRASS GIS and Google Earth). You should check out the rest of his site (, with a lot of information and data.

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