Getting rid of the new Global Menu in Unity

I am getting used to the new Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04, in fact, I mostly like it. What made me particularly happy is that the whole upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 turned out to be fast and painless.

But there is one new features of the Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04 I still cannot get used to; the AppMenu (Global Menu). I can see it making sense on a small notebook screen where every pixel of screen space counts. But on a larger screen with many windows open, it gets easily confusing and you end up having to move around with your mouse much more. Continue reading

Importing global rasters in GRASS gives me ‘illegal latitude for North’ message

Importing data layers with a global coverage in GRASS GIS might in some cases result in the error message G_set_window(): Illegal latitude for North”. For example, I got the message while trying to import the GlobCover 2009 (version 2.3). Continue reading