Creating a map using the command line

Although I like to carry out GIS analyses using the command line interface (CLI), creating maps is something I still tend to do using the graphical interface (GUI). And most of the time that makes perfect sense to me, creating something visual (the map), using visual tools (GRASS GUI gis.m or QGIS).

But things change when e.g., you have to create many maps of the same area changing one variable only, Continue reading “Creating a map using the command line”


Using OGR

One of the reasons I like GRASS GIS is that everything can be done at the command line. Of course there are other ways to do this, and one which I want to explore a bit more is the OGR library. GRASS GIS uses the OGR library under the hood, but using OGR directly offers additional flexibility. For example, using OGR allows you to work directly on shapefiles, without having to import them in the GRASS database first. Continue reading “Using OGR”

On the QGIS wiki: How do I do that in QGIS

On the QGIS wiki there is a great section with the self-explanatory title ‘How do I do that in QGIS‘. To quote from the introduction of this section, “it is intended to show how to perform basic GIS operations in QGIS in the most straightforward way… It includes common operations which are typically one step in a longer process of analysis”. Continue reading “On the QGIS wiki: How do I do that in QGIS”