Finding and renaming long file names with R

I have never given it a though, but there is apparently a limit to the length of file names that can be handled by Windows Explorer of Windows XP. I found out when trying to copy my Zotero folder to a computer with Windows XP. I was getting error message of folders that could not be copied, suggesting that my HD was full. I checked a few of these folders and they all contained one or more files with very long file names (>250 characters). Continue reading

Using the GRASS command g.mlist in R

In this post I was trying to find a way to get a list of GRASS data layers in R. The problem is running the GRASS function ‘g.list’ from R (using system or execGRASS from the spgrass6 package) gives a vector which can not be easily handled in R (i.e., it is not a nice vector with one layer name per vector element).

Finding the solution was a nice exersize in using the R functions gsub() and strsplit(), but today I realized that there is solution that is not only easier but also better and more flexible. Continue reading

Using the GRASS command g.list in R

Running grass commands within R is easy using either the system function or the spgrass6 package. But sometimes the GRASS outputs are not easy to read into a data frame or vector. For example, what if you want a vector with all raster data layers in mapset ‘species’. Continue reading