Using Freemind to explore and edit XML files

XML files are becoming more and more important to store data, including geographical data. Well known examples are the KML, aka Keyhole Markup Language and GML, a geographic markup language. The ‘Data and GIS tips‘ blog explains how you can use Freemind, a mind manager software, to to easily explore and edit your XML files. Definately something to check out if you want to learn more about KML, GLM or other XML format.

Instead of Freemind, you can also check out Freeplane. This is a redesigned version of Freemind, implementing some of the often requested features which didn’t make it in Freemind (yet). Very interesting is SciPlore, which is also derived from and 100% compatible with Freemind. However, it adds functionality for reference and pdf management. Certainly worth checking out when you are doing a literature study or writing an science paper.


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