Atlas of potential vegetation of Ethiopia

In July this year a new vegetation map of Ethiopia was published by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab).


Cover of the Atlas of potential vegetation of Ethiopia


The atlas is based on many years of field work by the two senior authors ( Ib Friis and Sebsebe Demissew) and benefits from the complete taxonomic revision for the Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea made during the years 1980-2009. It describes in detail the structure and floristic composition of the major vegetation types in the country and illustrates them with selected photographs from many parts of Ethiopia.

The atlas contains a vegetation map, divided in 29 map plates, of the distribution of the 15 major vegetation types. The distribution was mapped based on experiences and data from the two senior authors, and using the open source GIS software GRASS GIS.

If you are interested in ordering the atlas, sending an email to the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters is probably the easiest. For more information about the atlas, or if you would like a copy of the map (vector or pdf), you can go here.


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