Spatial datasets on the web

For my work I am spending much time finding spatial data including environmental, administrative and land use coverage data. I started to record links with short description and keywords in a simple table for future references. I tried out two online spreadsheet programs to keep my records; Google docs and Zoho. I decided to stick with the latter former because it allows me to publish tables on my webpage with filters and column sorting (edit: I switched from Zoho to Google docs, mostly because I am using Google Docs for other projects and rather keep my documents in one place).

I have published two tables with information about different spatial data sets and portals I have come across. It is by no means an exhaustive list, I’ll be updating them when time allows. If you know of or want to add data sources / portals to the list below, please send me the URL and if possible a short description (use the comments below or you can use the Contact page on my webpage to contact me).



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