Free introductory text book on Probability and Statistics Using R

See this site for a textbook on Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R (IPSUR) by G. Jay Kerns. The textbook was written for an undergraduate course in probability and statistics. You can buy a hard copy or download it directly from the web. Interesting feature is that this is work in progress, with sections being updated regularly. To keep up with these changes you can download a R package which will give you the latest updated version. Continue reading “Free introductory text book on Probability and Statistics Using R”


Spatial datasets on the web

For my work I am spending much time finding spatial data including environmental, administrative and land use coverage data. I started to record links with short description and keywords in a simple table for future references. I tried out two online spreadsheet programs to keep my records; Google docs and Zoho. I decided to stick with the latter former because it allows me to publish tables on my webpage with filters and column sorting (edit: I switched from Zoho to Google docs, mostly because I am using Google Docs for other projects and rather keep my documents in one place). Continue reading “Spatial datasets on the web”