Placing your library on the map

Zotero, the free Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, cite, and share your research sources, just came with an interesting new plutin; Zotero maps.  The plugin allows Zotero users to map the references in your library on the globe. Continue reading “Placing your library on the map”


Extract raster values to vector points using GRASS GIS

One of my more frequently visited posts is about how to extract data at point locations in QGIS (see here). In GRASS GIS this can be done with the ‘Sample raster maps at point location’ function. This uploads raster values of one or more raster layers at positions of vector points to user-defined columns in the attribute table.

Below a short explanation how to do this using the menu or command line. In the example I have a point vector layer ‘samples’ and the raster layers ‘precipitation’ and ‘temperature’. Continue reading “Extract raster values to vector points using GRASS GIS”