New CGIAR Ongoing Research Map

To create more synergy between projects and research efforts of one or more organizations, it is essential to have a good overview of ongoing projects, including where those projects are being implemented. A good example is the The CGIAR (the consultative Group on International Agricultural Research). This is a strategic partnership of 15 international agricultural research centers, working in collaboration with many hundreds of government and civil society organizations as well as private businesses around the world. The centers have offices and projects all over the world, making it rather a challenge for the managers or scientists within these institutes, but also for the many donors financing their work, to keep a good overview of what is happening and where.

Recently the CGIAR has (finally I should say) published an online map (powered by Google maps) of ongoing research projects. For now the focus is on Africa, with around 200 ongoing research projects mapped. The map has a clear easy-to-use interface which allows visitors to query for detailed project information, linked (in some cases) to external project documents and websites. The project I am currently involved in is there too; search for VECEA.

I hope they will soon expand this map to the rest of the world. What would furthermore be interesting is to link the map to similar online maps of partner research and development organizations (if available). The advantages for donors are obvious, but it would also be of great help for individual scientists or projects looking for research or development partners in specific parts of the world.


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