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Zotero 4.0 is out

My reference manager of choice, Zotero, just released an update, Zotero 4.0, with loads of new functionality. For the highlights, see here.

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Docear 1.0 Beta 5 now with Zotero support

It looks like the people behind Docear had a look at my personal wishlist with some great new features (unfortunately one of these features is Windows only, see below). Most important, in my opinion, Docear now comes with Zotero support. … Continue reading

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JournalTOCs – a convenient way to follow your favorite journals

I just came across JournalTOCs. It is a website for, and I am quoting, “anyone who’s looking for the latest or most current papers published in the scholarly literature with international coverage”. It is a free service with a very … Continue reading

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New web interface for Zotero

The people at Zotero have recently redesigned the website, and it looks very promising. It offers much faster access to your online library.

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Adapting (or creating) a citation style for Zotero

Zotero comes with a default list of citation styles, and you can download many more (1555 styles last time I checked) from here. Installing is simple, just click on the install button for the desired citation style.

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Finding and renaming long file names with R

I have never given it a though, but there is apparently a limit to the length of file names that can be handled by Windows Explorer of Windows XP. I found out when trying to copy my Zotero folder to … Continue reading

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Placing your library on the map

Zotero, the free Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, cite, and share your research sources, just came with an interesting new plutin; Zotero maps.  The plugin allows Zotero users to map the references in your library on the globe.

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Sharing libraries in Zotero

A good reference management software can make the life of a researcher much easier. There are many different software available, including various free or open-source software applications. My favorite tool is Zotero, which is a Firefox extension for the collection, … Continue reading

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