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A new great version of QGIS

Are you one of those people eagerly waiting for all those new features in QGIS that have been mentioned in the last couple of months on various forums and blogs? Well, the waiting is (almost) over. QGIS 2.2 is already available in OSgeo4W, Fedora, and Debian, while binary packages are being updated and will be available any time (or might already be available by the time your read this) on qgis.org. Continue reading

New spatialite plugin for QGIS

For some time now it is possible to load SpatiaLite data layers in QGIS. It is read only though, any changes will need to be saved as shapefile.

There is a Spatialite manager plugin, which offers an interface to the database, with table view, table information, preview of the map, import of dbf files and a very basic SQL editor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer what I would consider a key function, the option to upload layers to the Spatialite database.

This gap has now been filled by the QGIS plugin QSpatialite. Continue reading