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A new great version of QGIS

Are you one of those people eagerly waiting for all those new features in QGIS that have been mentioned in the last couple of months on various forums and blogs? Well, the waiting is (almost) over. QGIS 2.2 is already … Continue reading

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New release candidate for GRASS 6.4.3 is out

The second release candidate of stable release 6.4.3 is available now. It contains a good number of improvements and especially stability fixes, see here for more details.

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Spatialite 4.0 is out

The release of Spatialite 4.0 was just announced on the Spatialite user group. You can download it from the Spatialite website. And while you are on the website, check out the page about switching to 4.0. Version 4.0 introduces several … Continue reading

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ZIM desktop wiki 0.57 is out

I just got the latest update from ZIM desktop wiki, with some noticeable changes / improvements. From the release notes: Highlights of this release are

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QGIS 1.8 “Lisboa” is out

The next version of QGIS has been released and ready for your enjoyment. See this link for more information about this release.

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Sexante toolbox for QGIS

QGIS already has very strong analytical capabilities through its GRASS toolbox. Now, this is further extended by a new plugin that offers direct access to the Sextante toolbox. With this toolbox, QGIS can tap into 300+ functions from SAGA GIS … Continue reading

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New version of QGIS out

The latest and greatest of QGIS is out, version 1.7. A lot of new functionality and improvements, check out the release notes here or download it directly from here.

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New version of RStudio out

There is a new version (0,93) of Rstudio out, with some nice source editor enhancements, a new Customizable Layout and Appearance option, interactive plotting and more. Check out the RStudio blog or the release notes release notes on the RStudio … Continue reading

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New spatialite plugin for QGIS

For some time now it is possible to load SpatiaLite data layers in QGIS. It is read only though, any changes will need to be saved as shapefile. There is a Spatialite manager plugin, which offers an interface to the … Continue reading

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Improved labeling tool in QGIS

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of QGIS, version 1.6. It isn’t officially out yet, but it should be released any time soon now. For the impatient ones, you can download the source code and compile it yourself. … Continue reading

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