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New library to extract OSM data

A quick note to myself (and whoever is interested :-)) Markus Neteler mentioned on the GRASS user mailing list a new library that came out that extracts valid data from within an OpenStreetMap input file. It is from the developer … Continue reading

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Another way to import OSM data in your PostGIS database

There are various options to import your data in a PostGIS database. The OSM2postgresql script (for Linux) sets up a PostgreSQL / PostGIS server or database (optional), imports OSM data into it, process those data (including multi-polygons with holes) and … Continue reading

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ClickFu in QGIS

Although Google maps and other online mapping tools become more powerful, creating and analyzing maps is still typically done using a desktop GIS. I am for example using GRASS GIS and QGIS for my work. These are very powerful tools, … Continue reading

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