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Nice example of the use of geo-spatial tools in conservation and restoration planning

If you are interested in the use of GIS / spatial tools in the development and implementation of a management plan of conservation areas, have a look at Robert (GeoBob) Ford’s blog. It gives background information and ideas concerning the … Continue reading

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New: Quantum map, a simplified QGIS version

An announcement on the QGIS mailing list about NIWA Quantum map made me curious. How is this going to differ from QGIS? As it turns out, NIWA Quantum map is basically QGIS with a simplified interface, i.e., it has some … Continue reading

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A great way to try out open source GIS software

I just came across an email thread on the QGIS email list that mentioned OSGeo-Live. This is a “self-contained bootable DVD, USB thumb drive or Virtual Machine based on Xubuntu, that allows you to try a wide variety of open … Continue reading

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From attribute table to QGIS style file – step 2

This post is a follow up on an earlier post where I described how to use a column with RGB values in an (attribute) table to create mapping symbols for QGIS. The next step is to create the qml legend … Continue reading

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Add geometry values to vector layer in GRASS GIS

In my previous post I explained how to add geometry values to the attribute table of a vector map in QGIS. You can do the same in GRASS GIS. It is slightly more complicated (don’t worry, it is still easy … Continue reading

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Adding geometry columns to attribute table of vector map

What if you have a vector polygon layer and you want to add a column to the attribute table with the size (area) of each individual polygon? Very simple in QGIS, just go to the vector menu: vector | Geometry … Continue reading

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Nederlandse (Dutch) QGIS community

I just came across the Dutch QGIS site: http://www.qgis.nl. The objective of the website is “to create a platform for native speakers AND to discuss / explore typical dutch ideas or problems”. But the tutorials on this site will not … Continue reading

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New “Control Rendering Order” Option in QGIS

I just installed the latest QGIS development version (build 1.9.90-Alpha), and one of the changes I noticed was the option “Control rendering order” in the layers pane. I had to Google to check out what this new option was about. … Continue reading

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QGIS on my android phone

I mentioned before that QGIS was being ported to Android. I couldn’t try it out at the time as my phone was still running on Android 2.2. However, I just managed to upgrade my phone to Android 2.3 and of … Continue reading

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Collected QGIS Resources

Great initiative for the collection and sharing of QGIS Resources.

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