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Extracting lines ending with specific character using sed or grep

A quick note (to myself mostly) about how to extract lines from a text file that end with a specific set of characters. In Linux, you can very easily do this using ‘grep’ or ‘sed’. But, first a little bit … Continue reading

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Add geometry values to vector layer in GRASS GIS

In my previous post I explained how to add geometry values to the attribute table of a vector map in QGIS. You can do the same in GRASS GIS. It is slightly more complicated (don’t worry, it is still easy … Continue reading

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Start R inside GRASS but keep the terminal prompt

I often run R from within GRASS GIS. For example using R as a scripting language to automate GIS analysis. Or to use statistical models in R on spatial data in GRASS. I used to open R in the terminal. … Continue reading

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Creating a map using the command line

Although I like to carry out GIS analyses using the command line interface (CLI), creating maps is something I still tend to do using the graphical interface (GUI). And most of the time that makes perfect sense to me, creating … Continue reading

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