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Reading GRASS GIS vector attribute tables into R

Linking GRASS GIS and R will give you a very powerful set of geo-spatial analytical tools. The spgrass6 offers a very convenient interface between GRASS GIS and R. You can read more about this package in Bivand, R. 2007. Using … Continue reading

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Adding geometry columns to attribute table of vector map

What if you have a vector polygon layer and you want to add a column to the attribute table with the size (area) of each individual polygon? Very simple in QGIS, just go to the vector menu: vector | Geometry … Continue reading

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Quick multi attribute edit in QGIS

There seem to be a lot of momentum in the development of QGIS and QGIS plug-ins. Existing plug-ins are regularly updated while new plug-ins are released frequently. One recently released plugin is the quick multi attribute edit plugin. It offers … Continue reading

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Linking a lookup table to your vector layer

I was looking for a way to link an attribute table of a vector layer to a look up table, with a one to many relation. As discussed here and here, this does not seem to be possible in QGIS. … Continue reading

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