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Spatialite 4.0 is out

The release of Spatialite 4.0 was just announced on the Spatialite user group. You can download it from the Spatialite website. And while you are on the website, check out the page about switching to 4.0. Version 4.0 introduces several … Continue reading

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Extracting lines ending with specific character using sed or grep

A quick note (to myself mostly) about how to extract lines from a text file that end with a specific set of characters. In Linux, you can very easily do this using ‘grep’ or ‘sed’. But, first a little bit … Continue reading

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Multivariate Environmental Similarity Surfaces (MESS) index in GRASS GIS

The Multivariate Environmental Similarity Surfaces (MESS) is an index that represents how similar a point in space is to a reference set of points, with respect to a set of predictor variables (Elith et al 2010). The function was first … Continue reading

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New GRASS GIS Web Site

The GRASS GIS web team has created a whole new website. The goal was to create a simplified structure, general update and nicer experience. And they certainly succeeded, it looks great! And navigating the site also got easier. Check it … Continue reading

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Converting an ArcMap layer file into an SLD document

Most open source GIS programs can open all most common, and quite a few obscure data format (thanks to the gdal library). What they can’t open is the ArcMap layer files (.lyr).  A layer file defines the symbology used to … Continue reading

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Reading GRASS GIS vector attribute tables into R

Linking GRASS GIS and R will give you a very powerful set of geo-spatial analytical tools. The spgrass6 offers a very convenient interface between GRASS GIS and R. You can read more about this package in Bivand, R. 2007. Using … Continue reading

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Opening MODIS tiles in QGIS

NASA offers a very convenient web-based tool to select and download the tiles you need; Reverb / ECHO.  The tiles are in HDF format and use the Sinusoidal grid tiling system (proj4 definition: +proj=sinu +lon_0=0 +x_0=0 +y_0=0 +a=6371007.181 +b=6371007.181 +units=m … Continue reading

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LibreOffice global menubar still not working properly in Ubuntu 12.10

I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal about two weeks ago. As usual, there are a number of new or improved features and changes, the arguably most controversial being the Dash’s Amazon integration. What has not changed, unfortunately, is the … Continue reading

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