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A faster way to calculate MESS in R – or – a tribute to Stack overflow

Jean-Pierre Rossi introduced a function to calculate the “Multivariate Environmental Similarity Surfaces” in R. Since then, the function has become part of the dismo package, which is a package maintained by Robert J. Hijmans and which offers a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Disabling Ubuntu’s overlay-scrollbars for GRASS (or other applications)

Ubuntu has this new overlay-scrollbars for some time now. They look good I think, but unfortunately, they do not play nicely with GRASS GIS. So what if you want to keep them for most programs, but disable them from specific applications … Continue reading

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Integrating Maxent, R and GRASS GIS

The maximum-entropy (Maxent) methods is one of the most widely used approaches for species habitat modelling. It has its own dedicated software, the Maxent software (written in java and therefore cross-platform). The software is easy to use and includes fairly … Continue reading

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ZIM desktop wiki 0.57 is out

I just got the latest update from ZIM desktop wiki, with some noticeable changes / improvements. From the release notes: Highlights of this release are

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Freezing LibreOffice icons on the Ubuntu Unity launcher

LibreOffice is still not playing nicely with the Unity interface of Ubuntu. For a start, it does not support the global menu. You can enable this by installing the lo-menu package (available in Ubuntu software centre). This doesn’t work for … Continue reading

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You can now vote for your favorite QGIS plugin

The list of plugins for QGIS is becoming rather long, which is a testimony to how active the QGIS community is. It does make it more difficult to find and select the plug-ins for your work. And if you find … Continue reading

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A wealth of knowledge on biological diversity at your fingertips

I love this website of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Through this website, a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries have made available the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections.

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