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New command dialogue styles for GRASS GIS

In the latest development version of GRASS GIS (version 7.0) there is now the option to switch between different command dialogue styles. There are 4 styles, 3 of them are new and they are providing platform native look. The two … Continue reading

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OpenGeoDa – cross-platform and open source

GeoDa has been around for a while. It is a great and user-friendly tools for spatial analysis. It was however only available for Windows. That was last time I looked (quite some time ago). I just checked out their website, … Continue reading

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A short note on the use of predict with the dismo or raster package

R has some great packages for species distribution modelling. One of these packages is the dismo package. Models objects created with one of the various distribution models available in dismo can be used to make prediction for any combination of … Continue reading

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Docear 1.0 Beta 5 now with Zotero support

It looks like the people behind Docear had a look at my personal wishlist with some great new features (unfortunately one of these features is Windows only, see below). Most important, in my opinion, Docear now comes with Zotero support. … Continue reading

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Massive data in GRASS GIS: try GRASS 7.0

If you have to deal with really large data sets in GRASS GIS, you might want to check out the new GRASS Wiki category; Massive data analysis. It contains a lot of good information and suggestions what you can do … Continue reading

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New: Quantum map, a simplified QGIS version

An announcement on the QGIS mailing list about NIWA Quantum map made me curious. How is this going to differ from QGIS? As it turns out, NIWA Quantum map is basically QGIS with a simplified interface, i.e., it has some … Continue reading

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Add an application to the Ubuntu dash

How to add an application to the Ubuntu dash. When you install a program from the software center it will be automatically available in the Dash. But what if you want to run a program that is not installed the … Continue reading

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New features and renamed options in GRASS 7

I have started using GRASS 7, mostly / initially because it handles vector layers much better then GRASS 6.4. But is also has a bunch of new features. What also changes are the options / syntax of some of the … Continue reading

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Publishing your Freeplane mindmap on the web

Freeplane is a great mind mapping software. I use it e.g., to jot down and organize notes from articles I am reading, creating lists of software, relevant websites, etc. One of the advantages of Freeplane is that you can export … Continue reading

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Pretty cool new feature for QGIS: HTML map tips

Check out this post by Nathan, where he describes a new QGIS feature! In QGIS (development build) you can now display map tips using (a subset of) HTML. Get the latest development version of QGIS, or check out Nathan’s post … Continue reading

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