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Extract X and Y coordinates from a spatial table in Spatialite

A quick note on adding two columns with X and Y values in a vector layer in spatialite. Spatialite stores the information about the geometry in binary format in the ‘Geometry’ field. You can use the Spatialite function AsText() to … Continue reading

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NASA publishes new global map of the height of Earth’s forests

Interesting new map of the height of Earth’s forests. See this article for more information or go the NASA lab propulsion laboratory website to download the map (kmz file to see the map in Google earth layer or a geotiff). … Continue reading

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Just a quick note on a handy tool for when you are compiling from source. The last step you would normally do when compiling from source is the sudo make install. To uninstall the software later you would use sudo … Continue reading

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Quick multi attribute edit in QGIS

There seem to be a lot of momentum in the development of QGIS and QGIS plug-ins. Existing plug-ins are regularly updated while new plug-ins are released frequently. One recently released plugin is the quick multi attribute edit plugin. It offers … Continue reading

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Split strings in SQLite

I am just back from vegetation survey in Kenya and Uganda. Before starting with the analysis, I will have to go through the more boring data entry and organization. I will use a Spatialite database to store all the data … Continue reading

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Nederlandse (Dutch) QGIS community

I just came across the Dutch QGIS site: The objective of the website is “to create a platform for native speakers AND to discuss / explore typical dutch ideas or problems”. But the tutorials on this site will not … Continue reading

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New “Control Rendering Order” Option in QGIS

I just installed the latest QGIS development version (build 1.9.90-Alpha), and one of the changes I noticed was the option “Control rendering order” in the layers pane. I had to Google to check out what this new option was about. … Continue reading

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QGIS android

I wrote before android QGIS. A friend of mine tried it out in more detail. Check out his blog here. You should also check out the rest of his site; he and his company Upande are involved in some very … Continue reading

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Interesting list of mobile apps used in field work

A list of smartphone applications used in field work by ecology-l members:

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