QGIS Android works! @ GIS and Web Tricks

Seems pretty cool, now all I need is to upgrade my phone to Android 2.3 device because it won’t run on 2.2 or below: http://www.bernawebdesign.ch/byteblog/2011/08/21/qgis-android-works-2/

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I am a tropical forest ecologist with a focus on spatial and temporal patterns and processes at population and ecosystem level. I am furthermore very interested in issues related to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources under current and future climates. I have worked in the Middle East (Syria and Lebanon) and South America (Brazil) and in Eastern Africa (Kenya).
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2 Responses to QGIS Android works! @ GIS and Web Tricks

  1. Hi, I’m the developer of QGIS for Android, I just found your post on it and was wondering if you had more feedback.
    You’ll find a lot of news on opengis.ch

    - Marco Bernasocchi

    • pvanb says:

      Hi Marco,

      I briefly tried out an earlier version, see my post here. See also a post of a friend of mine who tried it out (also one of the earliest versions).

      I am planning for some time now to try out a more recent version on my tablet, but I haven’t found the time yet. When I do, I’ll let you know.

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