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Create wld file for map image

It is easy to export a raster file as a georeferenced images with e.g., GRASS, QGIS or gdal. It becomes more complicated if you want to export a map, composed of different layers. In QGIS, you can create very nice … Continue reading

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Linking a lookup table to your vector layer

I was looking for a way to link an attribute table of a vector layer to a look up table, with a one to many relation. As discussed here and here, this does not seem to be possible in QGIS. … Continue reading

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Annoying problem converting ODF to Word 2003 documents – solved

Although I almost exclusively work with Libreoffice, most people I work with still use Word 2003 or later MS Word versions. Not too much of a problem; converting ODF documents back and forth to Word 2003, 2007 or 2010 is … Continue reading

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Concatenate in SQLite

I wrote before on using concatenate in OpenOffice / LibreOffice and how this alternatively can be done in R using the paste function. You can do the same in SQLite using a query too.

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