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New version of QGIS out

The latest and greatest of QGIS is out, version 1.7. A lot of new functionality and improvements, check out the release notes here or download it directly from here.

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Start R inside GRASS but keep the terminal prompt

I often run R from within GRASS GIS. For example using R as a scripting language to automate GIS analysis. Or to use statistical models in R on spatial data in GRASS. I used to open R in the terminal. … Continue reading

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GRASS GIS: creating cross products of multiple raster map layers

I am looking at vegetation distribution in east Africa, using a map we have developed based on historical vegetation maps from the region, and I wanted to know the surface area per vegetation type per country. In ‘spreadsheet terms’, I … Continue reading

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Free online textbooks on geospatial and statistical analysis

Geospatial analysis guide I just found, through this blog, a very nice text book on geospatial analysis; Geospatial Analysis – A comprehensive guide by M. de Smith, P. Longley and M. Goodchild. The book covers a wide range of topics … Continue reading

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