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Adapting (or creating) a citation style for Zotero

Zotero comes with a default list of citation styles, and you can download many more (1555 styles last time I checked) from here. Installing is simple, just click on the install button for the desired citation style.

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Getting rid of the new Global Menu in Unity

I am getting used to the new Unity interface of Ubuntu 11.04, in fact, I mostly like it. What made me particularly happy is that the whole upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 turned out to be fast and painless. But … Continue reading

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Overview of R resources

Another nice overview of R resources: The authors will keep the list updated, so worth bookmarking it. And if you have good suggestions,make sure to leave him a comment.

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Reverb; new tool on the NASA site to search, find and download data

I was looking today for the most convenient way to download the MODIS landcover data from the LP DAAC. In between the 7! different portals one would expect at least one to be easy, but it was only the 8th … Continue reading

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Register yourself as GRASS GIS or QGIS user

Never realized, but it is possible to register yourself as a GRASS or QGIS user. See this post how to do this.

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Importing global rasters in GRASS gives me ‘illegal latitude for North’ message

Importing data layers with a global coverage in GRASS GIS might in some cases result in the error message “G_set_window(): Illegal latitude for North”. For example, I got the message while trying to import the GlobCover 2009 (version 2.3).

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A (very) first impression of Ubuntu 11.04

Just installed the latest Ubuntu, “Natty Narwhal” (version 11.04) on my laptop. As has been written already many times, “Natty Narwhal” is a significant departure in terms of User Interface from previous versions.

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Extract values from multiple rasters

I got a question how to create a loop function using the “for” command to process Worldclim layers, all with similar names (e.g. bio1-19, tmin1-12, tmax1-12, prec1-12). The loop would need to repeat for each iteration: adding a column with … Continue reading

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Macro to remove filters in Libre/OpenOffice

I often use filters in my Open/LibreOffice and wanted to know how to create a macro that removes all existing filters. The OpenOffice Wiki tells you how to do this.

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Looks interesting, a R package that provides bindings to Spatialite functionalities. Through this bindings one can carry out the spatial functions available in Spatialite from within R using simple SQL statements.

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