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Importing WorldClim climate .bil datalayers in GRASS GIS II

I uploaded an update to the R script I posted earlier to import data downloaded from WorldClim into GRASS. The main change is that it unzips and imports one grid at a time into GRASS, thus requiring much less free … Continue reading

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Improved labeling tool in QGIS

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of QGIS, version 1.6. It isn’t officially out yet, but it should be released any time soon now. For the impatient ones, you can download the source code and compile it yourself. … Continue reading

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Using Freemind to explore and edit XML files

XML files are becoming more and more important to store data, including geographical data. Well known examples are the KML, aka Keyhole Markup Language and GML, a geographic markup language. The ‘Data and GIS tips‘ blog explains how you can … Continue reading

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Beautiful Kenya

I have lived in Kenya for seven years and this advert of Safaricom, a Kenyan mobile company, made me realize how much I miss it. It shows some of the beautiful and spectacular landscapes Kenya is famous for. For those … Continue reading

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Looking for historical maps of the Netherlands

History, nature and land use changes, it all comes together in ‘Verborgen wildernis’ (Hidden Wildernes) by Kester Freriks. It is a book describes about twenty five former ‘wildernesses’ in the Netherlands, in their current and historical context and based on … Continue reading

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MapTiler to create online maps II

In an earlier post I wrote how I created a mash-up map with MapTiler. There is an option in MapTiler to set transparency for a color, but this didn’t work for me at the time. I therefore created a small … Continue reading

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